Cloud Computing Servers

Cloud computing is a rapidly expanding field. With the growth in the Internet and the widespread availability of mobile devices, cloud computing is poised to bring significant value to companies both large and small. Cloud services can be delivered over any network or platform and can be tailored to meet the needs of any organization.Continue reading “Cloud Computing Servers”

What Is an Edge Switch?

An edge network, sometimes referred to as a mesh network, is a group of personal computer networks that work together to deliver high-speed internet. These networks work as an information exchange platform that allows users from various locations to connect to one another. They allow users to access web pages at higher speeds and toContinue reading “What Is an Edge Switch?”

Cloud Computing Basics

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand access of computer network resources, specifically computer hardware, software, and processing power, without direct user management. The phrase is commonly used to describe cloud based data centers accessible to multiple different users over the Internet. In contrast to the common belief that it is a service provided by utilityContinue reading “Cloud Computing Basics”

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